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Asphalt shingles today are made with a fibreglass mat instead of a paper mat allowing for the following;

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Varied life span and impact ratings
  • Moves with all types of decking
  • Wide range of styles and warranties depending on the manufacturer.

There are 4 types of asphalt shingles (Traditional, Architectural, Premium, and Performance).

Traditional Shingles

These are a composition of fiberglass asphalt 3 – tab shingles and are the oldest type of asphalt shingles still available today. Improvements have been made over the years to include a fiberglass mat, self-sealing, and increased size, and are easily applied by any professional roofer. These shingles are available in monotone (one color only) but with technology is now available with several shades of color making them more aesthetically pleasing. These shingles are easily identifiable as they have a consistent perfectly rectangular appearance laying flat next to each other.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles are the most popular shingles on the market as they have enhanced aesthetics, visual thickness, and are easy to install by professional roofers. These are a composition of Laminate fiberglass asphalt shingle meaning both layers are composed of fiberglass and asphalt making them more weather-resistant and thicker adding performance benefits. Architectural shingles are manufactured with alternating tabs or areas with single and double layers which give them their dramatic, unique look.

Premium Shingles

Premium Shingles otherwise known as designer shingles have the same two-layer composition as the architectural shingles but have features making them mimic other roofing materials such as cedar shakes or slate tiles and a much-reduced cost.

Performance Shingles

Performance asphalt shingles are designed to resist wind, algae, fire, and/or hail. These shingles are manufactured to have special features to reduce wind uplift or blowoff, algae–resistant granules reduce the risk of algae, and further protect against fire if it is classified as a Class A Fire Resistant Shingle. Shingles which have a Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating and are more likely to stay intact during a bad hail. Not all Performance Shingles will offer all four benefits therefore it is important to know which Performance Shingle is best suited to the region and environment.

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