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Choosing your new roof is an individual decision where the pros and cons of each type can vary depending on your needs. This could include things such as location, climate, surrounding trees, sun exposure, maintenance requirement and budget. Each component of your roof system plays a major role for

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life span of the roof. Most manufacturers will not warranty their products if the attic is not properly vented, proper venting not only saves you money in heating and cooling bills, it also plays a major role in prolonging the life of you roof. With our experience in the roofing industry we can provide a deep knowledge and education on understanding that a roof is more than shingles and we consider all components to provide the best system.

  • Sheathing
  • Underlayment
  • Flashings
  • Ventilation
  • Ventilation

Sloped Roof

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Cedar Roof
  • Composite & Synthetic Roofing
  • Rubber Roof
Asphalt Shingles Calgary
Asphalt shingles today are made with a fibreglass mat instead of a paper mat allowing for the following;
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Varied life span and impact ratings
  • Moves with all types of decking
  • Wide range of styles and warranties depending on the manufacturer.
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Cedar shakes & shingles are available in a range of products from a 20yr to a 50yr warranties. All cedar products are labeled from the manufacturer and will identify what thickness, grade and type. It is recommended to use a #1 or premium grade shake or shingle, installation procedures will vary on the type of shake or shingle being installed.
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Composite or sometimes referred to as synthetic roofing is made from a mixture of several commonly used materials such as asphalt, clay, fibreglass, hemp fibers, post industrial plastics and recycled paper. They look like traditional roofing materials and can be available in several types such as shakes, slate and tile. Composite roof materials are fire resistant and mold proof.
Also, composite roofing materials don’t crack, split, wrap, peel, and if damaged can be replaced on an individual basis. As most synthetic/composite roofing materials are made from recyclable materials, it makes them environmentally friendly. The warranty can range from 30-50 years with some manufacturers offering lifetime warranties and a class 4 impact rating against hail damage.
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Your rubber roof will be the last one for you and it’s cheaper than a decent looking metal roof. Not to mention that a metal roof can be dented by hail storms; then the paint will chip off the steel and it will immediately start to rust. (A metal roof can typically last anywhere between 25 to 45 years.) Your rubber roof will never rust, it cannot get dented and its anticipated lifespan could quite easily last for 75 years of longer.
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Flat Roof

Torch – ON

Premier Exterior Solutions. provides flat roofing systems that generally consist of multiple layers of roofing material laid down in a series of plies that are torched down and heat welded using a hand held torch hooked up to a propane tank. This material is known as Modified Bitumen Membrane (Mod-Bit).

The membrane consists of a fibre-glass reinforcing material that is placed between layers of rubberized asphalt then top coated with small ceramic stones that reflect heat, UV rays and protects from the elements.

The advantage of this type of flat roofing is its durability, clean appearance, availability of multiple colors, light weight design which is easy on structures, easily repairable and weather-resistant for the Canadian climate.

These membranes have been available for over 25 years and have evolved from a single ply application to the more commonly used two-ply system today. Prior to that, most flat roofing was done using a built-up tar and gravel roofing system which was a lot heavier on the structure, made repairs and servicing expensive, was more labor intensive and required costly commercial equipment.

This type of roofing is more commonly used in industrial applications, and the torched on membrane system is normally used in residential and commercial roofing. Torch On Roofing can be installed on decks as a base layer, in hidden gutters to replace rubber gutters, on suspended concrete slabs for water proofing, and on flat roofs. Torch On Roofing can be installed in a 1 ply system, and a 2 ply system. Premier Exterior Solutions can create a tapered slope package for your flat roof, diverting all water away from low spots due to settling and into the proper drainage area.

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We always use the best quality material for every project. Below you’ll find a list of some of most popular suppliers for our residential and commercial customers.

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Roofing Repairs

Residential Roof Repairs

Finding the source of a leak can prove to be a challenge as water will find the least path of resistance and can travel quite a way from the actual point of entry. The leading cause for roof failure or water penetration is poor installation of the initial roof. Our highly trained technicians are well versed in both flat and sloped roof systems. We will do a thorough inspection of the entire roof system to evaluate the condition and pinpoint the cause of the issue and provide the best possible solutions with detailed assessment and report. When completed correctly the repair can last for years and save you from having to do a completely new roof install.

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Typical Issues

  • Poor Installation
  • Improper Ventilation
  • Missing Shingles
  • Damaged Flashings
  • Severe Weather Damage

We provide quality roofing & exterior services to clients across Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, and the surrounding areas.

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